Product no.: FLEXIMS

Mild steel flexi section mild steel tube

​Available inlets, 2", 2.25", 2.5" also in stainless stel

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Product no.: CCRBF

Stainless Steel braided flexi section

​Available in 2", 2.25", 2.5" and 3"

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Product no.: FS2

flexible pipe, galvanised stepped reducer ends 38mm - 45mm

GALVANISED mild steel interlock, GRIPLOCK

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Product no.: FS1

Flexi pipe, galvanised mild steel interlock griplock used for reducing vibrations and noice levels


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It maintains the same Inside diameter all the way through the bend.

Mandrel bend, stainless steel, mild steel available.


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Press bending creates a squashed/pressed curve.

This bend is not internally supported - available in mild and stainless  steel

from £5.00 *

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